Pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps

I have always had problems with this philosophy.  In my line of work, I have seen people who are on the surface capable of this, but it is not what they can envision for themselves at the time, mostly due to depression or other issues which cloud their perceptions of themselves.

Another reason I have a problem with it is because it forgets that we are a species that does best when we are working as a community.  The people who went out into the West in the 19th century were not John Wayne wannabees.  They were people who moved out into different communities and relied on community help to get started.

So, I think that we pull ourselves up by creating a vision of where we want to go, and seeking help to aid us with what capacities we bring to the table.

What do you think?

About Nate Prentice, MSW, LCSW, CAS-PC

Nate Prentice, MSW, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Pastoral Counselor who maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Drexel Hill, PA.
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3 Responses to Pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps

  1. K. Gibson says:

    I definitely believe that help, and guidance is needed, more than just saying that it is the individual’s sole responsibility to pull himself/herself up. It’s true that the individual has to make the effort using his/her own will to change his/her circumstances, but counseling & coaxing is especially beneficial to help the individual to find the courage to change.

  2. Kate says:

    Pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps requires, first, that one owns a pair of boots.

  3. @ Kate: LOL!

    @ Kerry: You are so right!

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