A news article on a type of therapy that is effective for depression.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy is an approach that is very similar to mine in dealing with depression and anxiety.  The following is an article about it.  It has been in the news in Britain lately because it is being included among the therapies that are shown there to be effective in dealing with depression.


Here is a link to a description of what MBCT is:  http://www.mbct.com/.

Here’s the skinny on why it works.  Regular cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is fine in terms of helping people change their thoughts and actions so that they aren’t as depressed, or so that they can get out of depression altogether.  Mindfulness doesn’t change the content of one’s thoughts like CBT does, but it gets at the heart of one’s relationship with one’s thoughts.  Thus, MBCT attacks on two prongs–teaching people to detach from their thoughts through meditative practices, and by teaching people to change the content of their thoughts through techniques associated with cognitive therapy.

Any questions on this?  Feel free to comment, and I’ll answer them!

About Nate Prentice, MSW, LCSW, CAS-PC

Nate Prentice, MSW, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Pastoral Counselor who maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Drexel Hill, PA.
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