First real yoga class.

I tried my first real yoga class today.  I say real in the sense that it was taught better than other ones I have had in the past.  If you can imagine a bowling ball doing poses, that was me.  I’m very out of shape, but I managed to make it through the class.  I’m trying to do this right and learn yoga from someone who knows what they are doing, not a tape or video or a class that is too large for some better instruction.

I felt MUCH better after the class and kind of rode a natural relaxed state all day.  It was wonderful.

There are uses of yoga for managing moods.  Here is a video with a yoga routine that purports to help with sadness in general.  I can’t vouch for it, but I submit it as an example of what practitioners try to do to help with depression.  Of course, the usual caveats about checking with your doctor first, etc. apply.

I am also reading a book on the treatment of depression with Yoga by Amy Weintraub:  Yoga for Depression.  So far it is pretty good, although I think it is better read by someone who has some expreience with yoga, as there is a bit of Sanskrit.  However, she writes in a clear way and it is quite understandable.  I am hoping to find pranayama (i.e. breating exercises) that may be helpful for some of my clients who are willing to try them in order to deal with depression.


About Nate Prentice, MSW, LCSW, CAS-PC

Nate Prentice, MSW, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Pastoral Counselor who maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Drexel Hill, PA.
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