The Newest Endangered Species: Male Therapists

This ( is an interesting article in the New York Times from 5/21/11 about the current dearth in the counseling field of male therapists.  I’d have to agree with it’s assessments about the reasons why there aren’t much of us left.  Primarily it has to do with economics.  Gone are the 1980’s, when it was possible for a psychotherapist to claim an income approaching or in the 6-figure range.  Managed Care has successfully brought the income of social workers such as myself down to around the range of a manager at McDonald’s or similar places (see  That appears to be the main reason why men are running away from this field.

Why am I still in it?  Well, thankfully, I make enough with my wife to get by.  I really love what I do, and couldn’t imagine doing other things.  Every day I wake up looking forward to being a catalyst for change in someone’s life.

Hopefully, however, things will change and social workers such as me will be paid a better wage.  If you support salary improvements for social workers, please email your Representative and Senators or call them in support of the Dorothy I .Height and Whitney M. Young, Jr. Social Work Reinvestment Act (HR1106/S. 584) today.  This act is supportive of trying to make sure that social workers are available to help you and your family in the future.  See the video below about what it is about.

A summary of what is provided in the bill can be found here:

Dorothy I. Height and Whitney M .Young Jr. Social Work Reinvestment Act Summary (S. 2858/H.R. 5447)

About Nate Prentice, MSW, LCSW, CAS-PC

Nate Prentice, MSW, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Pastoral Counselor who maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Drexel Hill, PA.
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