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I’m Back.

I’m hoping to put together some new material for you to consider. Continue reading

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Sleep on this.

Here is an interesting entry from my workplace’s blog, which covers ways to get your full hours of sleep at night. Continue reading

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Stress Does Not Kill You.

http://on.ted.com/UpsideOfStress This is a TED talk on managing stress. It turns out that previous research that suggests that stress can kill you from cardiovascular and other events is not accurate. Instead, the vantage point you view your stress from determines … Continue reading

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A news article on a type of therapy that is effective for depression.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy is an approach that is very similar to mine in dealing with depression and anxiety.  The following is an article about it.  It has been in the news in Britain lately because it is being included among … Continue reading

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