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Have space for one more New Year’s Resolution that can help you feel less anxious or depressed over the next year for $1.00?

I wanted to pass on this idea of you if you are dealing with anxiety and depression (or not), and are still stuck with thinking about a New Year’s resolution. It’s never too late to pick one!

I love this technique, and am really enjoying using it. I’ve been using it since December 5, 2015, and it’s really working. Continue reading

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Think you are the only one who is dealing with mental difficulties?

Asking for help is pretty hard. I thought I’d post some thoughts about why you may be hesitant to consider asking for help. Continue reading

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How to Help Someone Who is Suicidal

        September is National Suicide Prevention Month.  As a way of honoring it, I’m writing today to bring it out into conversation.         Suicide is one of those extremely difficult conversations to have openly.  There is a lot … Continue reading

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Sleep on this.

Here is an interesting entry from my workplace’s blog, which covers ways to get your full hours of sleep at night. Continue reading

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Getting a vantage point on financial insecurity.

I am guilty of having the same kind of anxiety, but I also know that if I can remember these simple facts, my anxiety dissipates, and I am move towards compassion and work for those less rich than me. That compassion leads to a more true wealth, being a better person. Continue reading

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This is what recovery looks like, Ensign Crusher.

Following is a wonderful description of what it is like to be recovering from clinical depression, from none other than Will Wheaton, who played possibly the most depressing role ever on TV, that of Wesley Crusher, of Star Trek:  The … Continue reading

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Stress Does Not Kill You.

http://on.ted.com/UpsideOfStress This is a TED talk on managing stress. It turns out that previous research that suggests that stress can kill you from cardiovascular and other events is not accurate. Instead, the vantage point you view your stress from determines … Continue reading

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Hope for adolescents with depression


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Putting one step in front of the other–a mindfulness approach to depression.

Saw this nice, brief article at Huffington Post about using present-minded focusing to overcome depression. Focusing 0n what is just before you in a given moment is a good way to get through, as well as breaking down difficult tasks in … Continue reading

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First real yoga class.

I tried my first real yoga class today.  I say real in the sense that it was taught better than other ones I have had in the past.  If you can imagine a bowling ball doing poses, that was me.  … Continue reading

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