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43 What?

Anxiety oftentimes comes from procrastination.  Sometimes it is hard to deal with anxiety by just changing thoughts alone.  Sometimes the best way is to act on the required behavior and suspend judgment about the feelings and thoughts that come from … Continue reading

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Have space for one more New Year’s Resolution that can help you feel less anxious or depressed over the next year for $1.00?

I wanted to pass on this idea of you if you are dealing with anxiety and depression (or not), and are still stuck with thinking about a New Year’s resolution. It’s never too late to pick one!

I love this technique, and am really enjoying using it. I’ve been using it since December 5, 2015, and it’s really working. Continue reading

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Think you are the only one who is dealing with mental difficulties?

Asking for help is pretty hard. I thought I’d post some thoughts about why you may be hesitant to consider asking for help. Continue reading

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Sleep on this.

Here is an interesting entry from my workplace’s blog, which covers ways to get your full hours of sleep at night. Continue reading

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It’s a big hill.

Recently, I have gotten back into exercising.  Little by little, more and more. I am trying to get healthier, and I have decided to deal with this by eating better and exercising more.  I’ve chosen bicycle riding as a way of … Continue reading

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Who is the champion inside of you?

I wanted to share an experience that I had with you. Some of you who come to see me know that one of my hobbies is bagpiping.  Yes, if you see me for therapy, you’ll be the first kid on … Continue reading

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