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Have space for one more New Year’s Resolution that can help you feel less anxious or depressed over the next year for $1.00?

I wanted to pass on this idea of you if you are dealing with anxiety and depression (or not), and are still stuck with thinking about a New Year’s resolution. It’s never too late to pick one!

I love this technique, and am really enjoying using it. I’ve been using it since December 5, 2015, and it’s really working. Continue reading

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Think you are the only one who is dealing with mental difficulties?

Asking for help is pretty hard. I thought I’d post some thoughts about why you may be hesitant to consider asking for help. Continue reading

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Sleep on this.

Here is an interesting entry from my workplace’s blog, which covers ways to get your full hours of sleep at night. Continue reading

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Stress Does Not Kill You.

http://on.ted.com/UpsideOfStress This is a TED talk on managing stress. It turns out that previous research that suggests that stress can kill you from cardiovascular and other events is not accurate. Instead, the vantage point you view your stress from determines … Continue reading

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Skills Group for Families/Loved Ones of People who are Overwhelming with Bipolar Disorder, Depression, or Borderline Personality Disorder

Here is a poster for an upcoming skills group being offered by the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania.  If you live in Delaware County, PA, this is something for you or your family to consider if they are overwhelmed. … Continue reading

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I am Adam Lanza’s…

If you spent time on the Internet this weekend, you probably read or saw mention of the article, “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother”.  If you have not, you need to read it.  Now.  I have seen her and her kid … Continue reading

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The Newtown, CT shooting. What can I do? How do I talk to my kids?

When I was a teenager, I spent a number of years living in New Milford, CT. New Milford is about two towns away from Newtown. I used to listen to the radio station that people in Newtown listen to. One … Continue reading

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Seeking New Members!

The Depression and Bipolar Support Group that I moderate on Monday nights in Drexel Hill, PA is doing well and seeking new members!  Come and join us! https://nateprentice.wordpress.com/depression-and-bipolar-therapy-group/

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First Steps In Coping With Panic Attacks and Depression

The following are some good suggestions for first steps to take to address panic attacks and depression.  Panic attacks and depression usually go hand-in-hand, especially with women.  However, they are very treatable and can be managed well. What I usually … Continue reading

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New Group for Depression and Bipolar Support at Psych Choices!

New Therapy Groups for Depression and Bipolar Disorder Forming Feeling low all the time?  Unable to find joy in life?  Difficult to get out of the house?   Having too much joy to the point that it interferes with your … Continue reading

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